10 Dec 2013

Allah is the best planner♥


Dear love♥
7 & 8hb 12 2013....
Is the first step ahead towards our future...
We manage to go through boring & sleepy course together..
Thank you for lending me your "made in korea" sweater...u brag a lot bout it..haha
But I know how much youre worried bout my bones which lacking of calcium
(yes I admit that im the alienest in alien species)..T_T

Are you ready to be my future husband love?
alien husband/Mr Alien?
You and me
We're so different in many things
I mean all things
And i've never been in your ideal woman list
Never before!
And we fight a lot...you hate me when people around gossip bout us...you do all stupid things just to make me hate you too...until

Last Ramadhan
When world turns upside down
You proposed me, you sincerely want to go deep into my life...aqei's life...the specky clumsy.."blurr2"and "pending"girl...(dont over imagine me as Betty in telenovela)...

Dear love♥
I hope you can accept as the way I am now
I hope you can guide me to be Muslimah and good wife to you
Help me to raise our beautiful children..
Be always on my side...
Always guide me if im doing wrong...

Dear love♥
Its true that
ALLAH is the best plannner
Ive never imagine that you and me
Share the heart together like now..
Now a lot common things we found between us...
Are we belongs to each other?
Im very afraid if we're not

March 2014
Our 2nd step for next move..
Our plan...in sha Allah
But ALLAH is the best planner
Only ALLAH knows the best for us...♥♥

Footnote: iloveyoumydearI23091103H


  1. siyesly?! kau nk kawen dah ke beb? Tahniah.. giler ketinggalan aku..

  2. Hehe insha Allah fathiyah doakan ak taw...kitorang rancang je dulu n senyap2 je sbb takut xjd..nak dahulukan akk ak...dtg taw 31hb 5...akk ak kawen...