6 Jan 2012

[I Need A Boy-IU Version]


Not one that speaks without thinking or a little child
But one that will embrace me yeah 
Not a boy that plays around when he's bored
But one that will only love me

Even if he stays still
And girls hand him their phone..
The kind of boy that will proudly take out and show my picture

Boy I need a boy
good no matter what he does
and a good body too

Boy I need a boy
baby I need you
Boy you need me too

A kind of boy that looks better in a V-neck than in a regular shirt
A boy that will make kimchi fried rice for me because I enjoy eating it
Uhu, a boy who can be cute at times even when he's old
I like it
That kind of boy

A boy that acts manly
But knows how to be delicate
Even if he acts cool in front of others
But when we're alone 

Make my heart race again
Make me able to create sweet songs again
You know, it's not about money or anything
You're the person I want to give my heart to

I need a boy
Hmm, yeah yeah

Boy I like you, gotta make you mine
Imma treat you right, baby uhhu 

Boy, I need a boy, yeah
Boy, I need a boy, yeah

Are you listening to me?
Baby I need you
Boy you need me too

I need a boy~ 

credit to: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/i/iu/i_need_a_boy.html

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