4 May 2013

Remain as an active me

until now I still not believe that I can manage to return back active in sports after leaving it for so long. Last time was in diploma, where I'm very active in "silat". 
Dont ask what im doing in degree (sgt malas okay hihi)

So when the company organizing a futsal tournament, I volunteer myself to be on the team and be the co-leader.

To tell the truth I've zero skill to play and so do my teammates
We have about less than 3 weeks only to practice before the real game. 

Suprisingly in the tournament, we manage to get 1st in team B with the highest marks compared to all the 7 female teams (rasa mau pengsan sebab xpercaya), unfortunately we failed to proceed to the final as we lose in penalty. But Alhamdulillah, we still won the second runner up (3rd place)=). 


Trophy + bag

1st prize : trophy + rm300 + bag/player
2nd prize : cute trophy + rm200 + bag/player
3rd prize : cute trophy + rm100 + bag/player
Others : bag only/ player

Poy4 female player representatives

Buy kfc using the prize money.. 2 boxes per person

p/s : planning to suggest archery tournament to top management.=p

After a year

hard for me to decide what should I choose at first, 
always looking for new import, but with cheaper price, long term use, simple design, and low petrol consumption
until last year " it "was launched,
everyone suggest for me to buy..the name also starting with the two letters AL_ _ _ _

after looking "it" myself at showroom nearby
So I say yes.! 

 well its not actually a dream car
its new big target to achieve after a year working..insha Allah^^

Info 》》》
OTR price : RM 69,800
Interest rate : 2.49%
10% downpayment : RM 6,980
Monthly payment (9 years) : RM 712
My Target downpayment : RM 10,000++
Monthly payment : RM 620--

p/s: will do more OT to get you!