28 Nov 2011

[Happy Birthday to My Twin Brother & Me]

As Salam!=)
Sorry for this late entry cuz i've been busy with my practical report lately..
well it's completely done!fuhhh~HAHA
I think it's never too late to post about my birthday...
opss not just me, I've shared it with my twin and including this year
we're both turned 23 y.o on 23rd November!!
 Happy Birthday to you too Nurazuan Shah B Anuar a.k.a Zuan @Shah@Shaolin!! 
(Ommo2~ one year more added??T_T)

Thanks a bunch to all those who sweetly had wished for my birthday on Facebook
and some who had wished through phone!*giggle*
I  really3 appreciate it eventhough the Facebook reminds it for you right?hehehe.. 
don't worry cuz i'll not take it to heart, and for me as long as u wish i'll be happy *smile*

As what i remembered my family had only celebrated our birthday for once
it's when we're turning 7/8 years old...
it's just a small party where our mak invited near neighbour to our house..
truthfully, i'm blurred on that day and ask mak for what she had buy so many cakes?(slice cakes)
the answer really not satisfy me cuz she's only said "makan sajelah " with a wide smile..
i only realized after my sis said.."hari ney kan hari jadi korang"..
My tears fall down everytime I remember that lovely moment T_T
I know it's not a big party, there's no balloon and no present for me but i'm very happy and grateful...
I'll never forget that day=)) 
You're the best mother, i'm so happy to have you Mak!I love you so much♥♥♥

 The twin!Comotnyee..hehe

Footnote : Mak I can never imagine how much u had suffered the double pain for giving birth both of us. Mak forgive me for all the mistakes. Mak thank you so much and I know it doesn't enough=))

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