16 Nov 2011

[Wordless]-Photoshoot at Nusajaya+Taman Merdeka Johor

Assalamualaikum dear readers=)

so all the pics were originally taken from it source (hafiy's camera) n without any editing work..
and seriously i don't get the mood to edit the pics till now..heee


 the girls=)

 me look so happy in that 'kereta sorong'..=D

  it's when 'perasan model' disease came..*speechles..hoho=p

 we love Azza.our big sis!she's the tall one..so she's our along la..haha...
hope she'll not mad at me after seeing this..wee~=)

this place have many more great views...

where's Hafiy??haha...next next next~

=====================TAMAN MERDEKA==================

 just like me they've been affected by the disease...
let's say it once again PERASAN MODEL..haha

 oopss we're in Japan..
 nice!i think?hehe

 which one should i pick?of course the red cute bag!haha

and again where's HAFIY?

erk??he's busy with the phone call..T_T..
hafiy no woder u don't have so much pics as us..


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