4 May 2013

After a year

hard for me to decide what should I choose at first, 
always looking for new import, but with cheaper price, long term use, simple design, and low petrol consumption
until last year " it "was launched,
everyone suggest for me to buy..the name also starting with the two letters AL_ _ _ _

after looking "it" myself at showroom nearby
So I say yes.! 

 well its not actually a dream car
its new big target to achieve after a year working..insha Allah^^

Info 》》》
OTR price : RM 69,800
Interest rate : 2.49%
10% downpayment : RM 6,980
Monthly payment (9 years) : RM 712
My Target downpayment : RM 10,000++
Monthly payment : RM 620--

p/s: will do more OT to get you!

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