18 Mar 2014


Assalamualaikum silent reader(s)...

Yes 'you' who I want to write to...
Do you know how to STOP?

Okay let me clear you what you need to stop...

1st : Stop stalking my personal n privacy life
2nd: Stop showing your 'innocent' pokerface in          front me & talk bad bout me behind my              back & drag stupid people to your stories
3rd: Stop being mad at me since youre the one          that made me left
4rd: Stop your emotional stonehead
5th: Stop lying to gain people sympathy
6th: Stop acting nice since youre not

Here the cronology
=》You dont like me when I enter this place. I    cried a lot since that im very tired of                waiting and independently came here..
=》You warned me not to tell bout your privacy if people asked....but you talk about me to HER?..you back her up as if you not doing the same thing?...you want me to tell people bout it?did you know how I suffered by those rumors?? How I cried badly when youre not in room while youre celebrate your successfullness to make me suffering alone??
=》You talked 'good things' bout all the colleagues...."dont get close to her...she badmouth people...dont trust him, hes a backstabber, etc...he always jual minyak...etc...(here I can read you...you not trust people & have negatives mindset)

Can you read more?....take a deep breath
Now we continue....

=》Then you act like im not there when were around the guys...are you deaf or something?to not response of my stories?...I know that you tried to show people we're not close...to avoid people asking me about you...but sooo silly la girl...
=》when people ask you...hows me as your roomate....You said we're not talks a lot & sometimes you bored to my stories? Haha...stop being a liar la girl....you warn me bout interruption of your privacy life right? Did you forgot that youre the one who build the boundaries?

=》》 etc...etc...etc..you ruining my life..etc ...

Am I too clear here?...should I stop?...No!
Coz my bad side cannot tolerate your acting
Until now you STILL 'menyemak' bout my life...and you drag other people pulak dah...
Do you think I dont get your meaning in group?

Pasangan?Ideology 1103?...where did you get it?...only I know where you can find it...you too easy to get exposed?...because you are the emotionaliest stonehead girl ive known...so youre the winner la..congrats for winning 1st place in my ranking....

So are you satisfied and clear?...this is the reason why I want to move out...........are you happy?..yeah you should be happyla girl...kan?

Best regards,
aQei badgirl.....
I hate you silly girl~

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